What is digital literacy? (5 mins)

Digital literacy is a concept that is not uniformly understood by any group of educators. In certain subject areas, it may be interpreted more narrowly than others. When discussed globally, as it applies to K-12 education, digital literacy holds certain goals that apply across subject areas and grade levels. Let's begin by considering our own definitions of digital literacy and then create a collective definition.

Activity 1:

Create and record your own definition of digital literacy.
  • Using the online digital board below, create and share your personal definition of digital literacy.

Padlet Wall

Padlet Wall 2

Activity 2:
  • From the collection above, let's create a group definition of digital literacy.

What Does it Look Like? (10 mins)

While our students are digital natives who are comfortable with technology, they are not necessarily technology savvy. Our students may be able to use digital devices, but are they using them appropriately, effectively, and ethically? How do we ensure that they are digitally literate? What does it look like in the classroom?

Discussion Questions:

o What themes emerged in the video?
o What concepts mentioned aligned with your thinking?
o What challenged your thinking?
o Does this align with our definition of digital literacy?

Agenda- Welcome - What is Digital Literacy? -What Does it Look Like? - Improving Digital Literacy in the Classroom - Conclusion