We are still on a 2 year cycle, which means that this plan will cover 2014-2016. If you already have an approved Technology Plan, please revisit your current plan and make any updates or revisions based upon what your LEA/charter plans to achieve between July 2014-June 2016. You will also need to add strategies regarding implementing Home Base throughout, or add an amendment to the existing plan, covering how you plan to implement Home Base. Include high-level implementation details, professional development activities, and ways you will be evaluating effectiveness.

Tech Plan Steps

If you do not currently have an approved tech plan and want to create one, please use the template below.

  • Nov 1st- All plans (NEW or UPDATED) Due

  • DEC 13th- Plans will be reviewed and returned

  • JAN/FEB - Plans need to be local board approved

  • MARCH/APRIL - Plans go to State Board

LEAs/Charters without an existing SBE approved plan, who are submitting new plans, will need to complete the new Tech Plan template.

2014-2016 Template