(20 mins)

A LiveBinder by Dr. Bobby Hobgood

Dr. Bobby Hobgood's LiveBinder has a plethora of resources to help in understanding the concept of digital literacy and consists of many resources to assist in classroom instruction.

Activity 1:
For this activity we will be using the Expert Group teaching strategy. Participants will be divided into 4 groups as assigned below.
1. Searching and Finding
2. Sorting and Organizing
3. Evaluating
  • Note: Under the Evaluating Information tab, you will see a Page Not Found/Start>>>message. Ignore that. Click on Introduction and proceed.
4. Creating and Sharing

As you are reviewing your section, consider the following questions and be prepared to share out.
1. What does it mean to do this effectively?
2. Find at least one tool that will help you or other teachers implement this into everyday instruction.

Share on the Google Doc.

Whole group discussion:
  • Are these topics currently being addressed in your classroom or school?
  • What challenges do you see in teaching these skills?

Additional Resources to explore:

Agenda- Welcome - What is Digital Literacy? -What Does it Look Like? - Improving Digital Literacy in the Classroom - Conclusion