The Amazing Global Resource Race: Explore the World

Are you ready to travel the globe? You are going to explore a variety of resources that you can use to give students the keys to the world. The Amazing Global Resource Race is similar to The Amazing Race, and we will be competing on various tasks that will give you the opportunity to explore resources for global awareness. So...Get ready! Set! Go for adventure!

The Team

1. Create a team name.
2. Assign roles within your group. You will need the following:
  • Captain - This person will act as the facilitator of the group
  • Navigator - This person will be responsible for keeping everyone on track and watching the time
  • Archivist - This person will be responsible for recording responses in the Travel Journal
  • Crew Chief - This person will be responsible for providing moral support and keeping the team motivated

How the Game is Played
45 mins
Road Warriors will be divided into teams of three or four, and each team will maintain a Travel Journal throughout the race. There are seven journeys to be completed that will help team members explore resources that will enable them to integrate global awareness into their instruction. Complete your first assigned journey then move on to the next in sequence after getting your passport stamped. The tour guide will be available to assist you with tasks for each journey. However, please note if you ask for guidance, it may cost you valuable exploration time. The first group to successfully complete their passport is the winner of The Amazing Global Resource Race.

Travel Journals
Session 1
Session 2
Road Warrior Group 1 xxxx

Road Warrior Group 1
Road Warrior Group 2

Road Warrior Group 2
Road Warrior Group 3

Road Warrior Group 3
Road Warrior Group 4

Road Warrior Group 4
Road Warrior Group 5xx

Road Warrior Group 5

Your tour guide will provide directions on where to begin your journey.

Journey 1
Journey 2
Journey 3
Journey 4
Journey 5
Journey 6
Journey 7

Share your Journey (15 mins)