How many times have you heard or even said "Just Google it"? While Google and other search engines are great for locating information, it is important to learn effective search strategies and to examine those resources for accuracy and validity. These basic skills can make all the difference in a user's experiences on the internet. To gain this basic understanding, we need to know a little about how a search works.

A Closer Look at Searching (10 min)

Let's take a look at how a search engine works. This video addresses Google specifically, but it gives you the basic idea.

To help navigate this complex world of searching, there are some strategies that you can use.

Enhance Your Search Strategies

Use some of the skills highlighted in the previous video to complete a Google search. As you refine your search, notice how the number of search results changes. After doing this, trying using Google Advanced Search to refine your search easily.

  • What did you notice as you tried the different search options?
  • How do these strategies enhance your ability to work more effectively?

Web Search Strategies in Plain English

Curation of Resources (10 min)

There are several tools out there that let you curate resources on the web. These curation tools can also be used for social bookmarking. The advantages of this are that not only can you have access to your bookmarks on any digital device at any time, but you can also share them with others.

Social Bookmarking in Plain English

Tools for Curation






Choose one of the above bookmarking tools, create an account, then use your newly discovered search strategies to locate and bookmark 5-10 resources that might prove useful to you in your work.


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