Digital Literacy or Not? (10 mins.)

Activity Directions:

The following site contains a list of activities that includes examples and "non-examples" of digital literacy in action. As a table group, sort the activities into those that exemplify digital literacy versus those that do not.

Digital Literacy or Not?
Select the Activity Tab (For today's session we will use paper strips)


Digital literacy is a concept that is not uniformly understood by any group of educators. In certain subject areas, it may be interpreted more narrowly than others. When discussed globally, as it applies to K-12 education, digital literacy holds certain goals that apply across subject areas and grade levels.

Revisit the definition you created for digital literacy at the beginning of this session. Has your personal definition of digital literacy changed? Share your thoughts with your table group.

Agenda- Welcome - What is Digital Literacy? -What Does it Look Like? - Improving Digital Literacy in the Classroom - Conclusion