The first days in a 1:1 classroom environment could be overwhelming if you are not prepared. During the following activity you will encounter some "situations" that will help you become better prepared.


1. Let's Improv! (10 mins)

Each table has been given a set of classroom "roles". Please choose one role. One person must play the role of the teacher. All other participants will be students.
  • 1. Read through your assigned identity and take a moment to "become" your character.
  • 2. The Teacher will start the activity by giving the class instructions.
  • 3. Each student will then begin to interrupt with their assigned role, actions, and discussions.
  • 4. Remember, this is HAVE FUN!

2. Activity: (20 mins)

For each student question/situation that you encountered, as a group, brainstorm possible classroom solutions to either solve or prevent the problem. Record your answers on the Google Doc.

3. Share out and Discuss (10 mins)

Overview -- Getting Started -- Classroom Improv -- Classroom Walk-through -- Classroom Design -- Finding Solutions